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Wednesday September 17 2014

Welcome to the Phoenix Fund for Zimbabwe

The need

Many Zimbabweans exiled in the UK are losing their skills.

Asylum seekers can spend years trapped in the application and appeals process and yet they are denied access to statutory funding and many charitable sources of funding that would enable them to pursue courses of vocational training or professional development.

Refugees who have been granted leave to remain often find themselves in need of financial assistance if they are to make the most of the opportunities for training and education available in the UK. If they are to avoid losing skills and professional expertise as a consequence of working at levels far below their ability they need assistance with conversion of qualifications or refresher courses that will enable them to seek more suitable employment.

How Phoenix Zimbabwe Can Help

Phoenix Zimbabwe provides a source of financial assistance for Zimbabwean exiles in the UK who wish to pursue courses of professional development or vocational training that will equip them to participate in the rebuilding the economy and institutions of Zimbabwe when circumstances allow them to return home.

Phoenix Zimbabwe aims to make grants with minimum delay, particularly for some of the smaller but urgent incidental expenses associated with study, such as exam and qualification conversion fees, book funds and transport.


The Phoenix Fund for Zimbabwe is a registered charity (Charity number: 1119417)